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Made in the USA
Made in
the USA
12-Year Non-prorated Warranty
Non-prorated Warranty


  • Our quilted Hybrid NXT begins with Ultra- Premium components engineered with advanced ion technologies.
  • We add phase-change (PCM) technology to our luxurious 4-way stretch knit fabric. PCM uses micro capsules that absorb or reflect heat as needed, producing a more constant sleep environment.
  • MicroLuxe Coil Technology provides incredibly responsive long lasting comfort that is cooler than traditional comfort foams. MicroLuxe CT, engineered with ultra-premium comfort foams and our EvoWCsupport system results in a truly unique next generation Hybrid sleeping experience.
  • Our EvoWC5 (Evo Wrapped Coil) is a 5-zoned wrapped coil system with over 1130 (queen) coil sensors. This evolutionary support system responds to each movement providing the ultimate in comfort and support.
  • Ultra-premium memory foam is infused with Copper Ion Technology and engineered to perform perfectly with the EvoWC5 for a cooler, cleaner and healthier night’s sleep.


Quilt Layer
  • Luxurious 4-way stretch knit cover with PCM technology
Comfort and Support Layers
  • 1” MicroLuxe Coils
  • 2” Ultra-Premium Copper Infused Memory Foam
Support Core
  • ¾” HD Support Foam
  • 8” EvoWC5 zoned wrapped coil system
  • 1 ½” Support Foam

Overall Mattress Height: approximately 15.5"

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Phase Change
MicroLuxe Coil
EvoWC5 Coil System
Copper Ion
Ultra Premium Comfort

“Thank you so much for delivering the perfect bedding at the perfect price point.”

– Iris, happy Evolution Hybrid NXT Customer